The Self Love Circle

Discover the Self Love Circle: Your Path to Empowerment and Fulfillment.

Explore the Self Love Circle: Embrace Your Authentic Power

Stop going it alone; join the Self Love Circle for consistent growth and self-love.

Access On-Demand Video Course, Exclusive Worksheets, Meditations, EFT tapping and more….

Along with a Nurturing Community Support – All for Just $47

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Butterfly Transformation

You are tired of…


Feeling disconnected from your true self, constantly conforming to societal expectations.


Battling negative self-talk and persistent self-doubt.


Constant cycles of burnout due to neglecting your own needs and boundaries.


Being held back by fears and insecurities, unable to embrace your full potential.


Temporary fixes and superficial solutions that don't address the core issues or promote true healing.


Feeling stuck in a rut, without clear guidance or a structured path towards self-improvement.

As you seek a haven for sustained personal growth and meaningful community ties, the Self Love Circle stands as your gateway. Here, you will embark on a structured journey to cultivate profound self-love, harness the power of manifestation, and finally, live the extraordinary life you’re meant for.

You want to step into radical self-love, so…


Achieve Personal Growth

You are eager to evolve, constantly seeking new paths of personal development and growth, ready to unlock a life filled with positivity and potential.


Embrace Authenticity

You are on a quest to rediscover your true self, eager to shed the expectations of others and live a life that is genuinely yours, radiating self-love and authenticity.


Form Meaningful Bonds

You want deep and genuine relationships, building a community of mutual respect and understanding, beginning a compassionate relationship with yourself

Let me show you that it’s possible


From grappling with personal tragedy and profound depression to blossoming into a beacon of self-love and authenticity, my journey is a testament to resilience. Now, I channel the wisdom and serenity I’ve cultivated to guide others on their path to true self-acceptance and inner peace.

happy me

I’ll be honest with you

Getting to this point wasn’t easy

Mercedes Aspland

From Uncertainty to Manifestation: Your Journey to Self-Love & Abundance

Since my youth, the philosophies of personal development luminaries like Dale Carnegie have been a beacon, gifted to me by my mother. Yet, alongside these teachings, shadow lingered due to the chaos of living with an alcoholic father—a shadow culminating in his heartbreaking suicide when I was 25. This pivotal moment marked a profound shift, compelling me to abandon my corporate path for a deeper calling.

In the subsequent period of profound depression, where self-love seemed an insurmountable feat, I found resilience. Through a journey of self-discovery, I emerged with a genuine acceptance of myself and an unshakable confidence. Now, I embody the self-love that once felt unattainable.

With the Self Love & Manifestation Circle, I’ve channeled my learnings into a transformative space designed to illuminate your own journey. It’s a place to harness the power of self-love as the cornerstone for manifesting a life of abundance and joy.

This is your invitation to embark on a transformative journey, to unearth the deep-seated love and contentment within you, and to unlock the power of your desires.

Step into the Self Love & Manifestation Circle — a sanctuary for your personal evolution and manifestation.

What i discovered was!

Learning to Love Myself Completely was the Key to Clear Manifestation!

And when i realised that, I finally started to see my life begin to transform:


Authentic Self-Acceptance

Embracing every part of me unlocked true potential.


Manifestation Unleashed

Self-love became the catalyst for realizing my dreams.


Life's Transformation

With self-love, every aspect of life began to flourish.


Clarity Emerged

Loving myself cleared the fog, sharpening my vision for the future.


Elevated Confidence

Self-love instilled the confidence needed to attract abundance.


Joyful Living

Complete self-love brought daily joy and deeper fulfillment.

All it takes are

3 Simple Steps

to achieve radical self-love

Serene Natural Landscape

Past: Healing & Understanding

Begin your transformation by exploring the depths of your true self, healing from past experiences, and learning to value your unique qualities. This first step cultivates a strong sense of self-awareness, essential for the journey ahead.

Comforting Embrace

Present: Acceptance & Growth

Grow a deep, nurturing love for yourself that touches on every aspect of your being. Through self-care practices and setting personal boundaries, you’ll foster a compassionate relationship with yourself that becomes the heart of your transformation.

Community Gathering

Future: Expansion & Connections

With a newfound self-love, you’re set to manifest your aspirations. This final step is about putting intention into action, overcoming life’s hurdles, and employing the Law of Attraction to realize the life you envision.

The Self Love Circle

Welcome to…

The Self Love Circle

A transformative course designed to guide you through a journey of deep self-awareness, nurturing self-love, and mastering the art of manifestation to create the life you desire.

7 Day Refund Guarantee

self love circle

on the inside

What you’ll learn


Step 1

Explore the landscape of your inner world, awakening to the power of self-knowledge as the cornerstone of transformation.

With each reflective exercise, you’ll cultivate a profound connection to your core self, essential for the transformative journey that lies ahead.



Deep Self-Discovery

Encounter your true identity & unlock the narratives that shape your life.


Past Healing

Learn to release & heal from the stories of yesterday for a liberated today.


Unique Pathways

Celebrate ypur unique journey, forging a path of individuality.

inner peace

Step 2

Nurture a loving relationship with yourself, fostering an environment where self-compassion and acceptance grow freely.

Through each act of self-care and boundary setting, you’ll reinforce your sense of self-worth, creating a resilient foundation for self-love.



Embracing Self-Care

Infuse your daily life with rituals that honor and care for your well-being.


Healthy Boundaries

Set healthy boundaries to protect your energy and foster personal growth.


Reconnecting Within

Rediscover the joys of your inner child and the simplicity of play in self-love.

Community Gathering

Step 3

Step into the realm of possibility, where your inner clarity and self-love translate into the power to manifest your deepest desires.

Each lesson in this phase is designed to turn your self-love into a force for attracting and achieving what you most desire, completing your journey of transformation.



Intentional Living

Set powerful, clear intentions that reflect your truest desires and life vision.


Overcoming Limitations

Surpass the barriers of fear and doubt to embrace a life of limitless possibilities.


Living Your Truth

Step into your power, living authentically and attracting the life you truly deserve.



Exclusive Facebook Group


Community Connection

Engage with others on a similar journey, sharing experiences and offering encouragement.


Accountability Partner

Find a partner to help keep you motivated and committed on your self-love journey.


Resource Exchange

Swap recommendations and favorites with others, discovering new tools and insights organically


Safe Space

A judgement-free zone to express your feelings, triumphs, and challenges openly.



Highlight Support


Community Coaching

Receive personal guidance from me within our vibrant community.


Guest Experts

Absorb wisdom and tips on self-love from industry experts.


Personalized Support

Get quick answers to your questions via group or email.


I already bought so many things that didn’t help me and why do I need the Self Love Circle?


This course offers high value coutent and support all for an affortable price. Plus it has the potential to change your whole life, transforming you into someone who deeply loves themselves and can live authentically.


Deep Self-Discovery

Engage in a profound exploration to unearth the layers of your true self, fostering a life of authenticity and purpose that resonates with your core values.


Healing Insights

Utilize the Luminous Life Method to delve into profound healing practices, addressing and mending past traumas to make way for a hopeful and unencumbered future.


Boundaries Redefined

The Luminous Life Method will guide you in mastering the art of setting firm yet compassionate boundaries, an empowering skill that fosters personal growth and emotional well-being.


Empowered Intentions

Learn through the Luminous Life Method how to set and actualize meaningful goals, constructing a life journey that resonates deeply with your desires and ambitions.


Community Support

Immerse yourself in a supportive and uplifting community of like-minded individuals, all dedicated to the mutual journey towards self-love, abundant living, and fulfillment.


Manifestation Mastery

Master the art of manifestation with the Luminous Life Method’s strategic techniques, leveraging universal energies to realize your life’s dreams and goals.


Ongoing Growth

Benefit from the evolving toolkit provided by the Luminous Life Method, supporting your personal development journey with a host of adaptive resources.


Accessible Expertise

Gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience without breaking the bank, making expert guidance and community support affordable and within reach.

Total Value = $997

All this for just $47

7 Day Refund Guarantee


A Membership For Every Step of Your Journey

From Self-Love Beginners to Personal Growth Enthusiasts


Just Beginning your Self-Discovery Journey

Are you taking these first steps in exploring personal development and self-love? You might be experiencing feelings of being stuck, unloved, or overwhelmed and are seeking strategies and a community to foster self-compassion and growth.


Seasoned Personal Growth Enthusiasts

Already been on a journey of personal development and seeking to deepen your understanding and practices? You’ve already tried various self-help tools but want a structured, comprehensive approach to achieving sustained self-love and inner harmony.

Sign up for this life changing course today

Get it all for Only $47

7 Day Refund Guarantee

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the Self Love Circle?

A: A Course that uses the Luminous Life method to help you develop radical self love and use this as a springboard to manifest your desires.

Q: What is the Luminous Life Method?

A: A comprehensive transformation framework incorporating mindset work, mindfulness, meditation, EFT tapping, and manifestation techniques to guide you toward holistic well-being and the life you aspire to live.

Q: Who is this course for?

A: Anyone looking for structured guidance on their journey to personal growth, self-acceptance and manifestation.

Q: How advanced do I need to be in my journey to join?

A: The Self Love Circle is designed for individuals at any stage of their self-love journey, offering guidance and support that caters to both beginners and those more advanced.

Q: What can I expect to achieve through this course?

A: Deep self-acceptance and love as well as a clear vision for your future, fostered through the strategies of the Luminous Life Method.

Q: How does the 3-step program work?

A: A progressive program structured in three steps, each focusing on different areas of self-love, building upon the previous to foster holistic personal growth.

Q: How long does it take to see results?

A: The journey is individual, but members often start noticing changes in their mindset and behavior within the first few weeks.

Q:What kind of support is included with the course?

A: There is an exclusive community where you can get your questions answered by the community and by your coach. There will also be regular live sessions to build on your knowledge.

Money Back Guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! We swear by our training, so much so we offer a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.


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