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Spiritual Female Entrepreneurs


Discover the Sacred Path to Abundance — Where Your Deepest Intuitions Guide You to Unprecedented Success and Inner Harmony.

You Want Financial Freedom



You think making money is hard work


You believe you need money to make money


You believe making money is not spiritual


You feel fear every time a bill come in

Now you are looking for a new approach and way of thinking about making money.

You want to attract prosperity so you tried…


Generic Business Coaching

BUT these focus solely on strategy, neglecting the integration of mindset, spiritual values and personal well-being. They left you feeling more disconnected from your authentic self and out of pocket.


Self-Help Books

BUT although they gave you valuable insights, they lack the personalised guidance, accountability, and community support needed to apply these principles effectively in your unique entrepreneurial journey, resulting in minimal lasting change.


Solo Spiritual Practice

Although, hoping to find the clarity and peace needed to achieve success, without a bridge connecting these practices to strategic business actions and a community for support, translating inner peace into outer success is tricky.

I felt the same…
Until I Changed the Way I Looked at my Life and now have a net worth of over £1 million

I’ll be honest with you

Getting to this point wasn’t easy

Transforming Challenges into Triumphs: My Journey to a £1 Million Net Worth

Embarking on the journey to a net worth of £1 million was never about the pursuit of wealth for wealth’s sake. It was about challenging the status quo, embracing the richness of experience, and the relentless pursuit of growth, both personally and professionally. My path wasn’t paved with golden stones; it was built on the bedrock of hard lessons, strategic risks, and a deep-seated belief in the potential for transformation.

From Humble Beginnings

My journey began in the trenches of the corporate world, fresh out of university, armed with nothing but a degree and a desire to make my mark. The early days were a grind, a relentless push against the currents of convention and expectation. But it was here, amidst the pressures and challenges, that I discovered my first crucial lesson: alignment. Success, I realized, wasn’t just about climbing the ladder; it was about ensuring the ladder was leaned against the right wall.

A Pivot to Purpose

The decision to leave the corporate world wasn’t made lightly. It was a leap of faith, propelled by the loss of my father and the stark realization that life’s too short to live out of alignment with one’s values and passions. Transitioning from a secure, well-paying job to the uncertain world of entrepreneurship was my baptism by fire into the realms of risk and reward.

Building From the Ground Up

Starting with a family web design business, I learned the ropes of SEO and digital marketing, skills that would prove invaluable. We weren’t just building websites; we were crafting digital doorways to opportunity, learning the art of turning visibility into value. The thrill of those early successes, of bringing in £20k months, was not just in the numbers; it was in the affirmation that with the right strategy and execution, potential could be transformed into prosperity.

Diversification and Depth

My entrepreneurial journey was marked by a series of ventures, from e-commerce in the knitting niche to property development. Each venture was a chapter in my ongoing education in business, a testament to the power of diversification, market research, and customer understanding. The leap to e-commerce, in particular, was a gamble that paid off, teaching me the importance of agility, niche mastery, and the digital customer experience.

Mindset: The Final Frontier

Yet, the most significant growth was internal. Cultivating a mindset of abundance, resilience, and continuous learning became the cornerstone of my journey. It was a shift from seeing obstacles as barriers to viewing them as stepping stones. Each failure, each setback was recontextualized as a lesson, an opportunity to refine and iterate.

The Path Forward

Today, as I reflect on the journey to achieving a net worth of £1 million, I see it not as a destination but as a milestone in a much larger journey of personal and professional growth. The true wealth lies not in the figure but in the experiences, the lessons learned, and the person I’ve become in the process.

To those embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, know this: success is not linear, nor is it guaranteed. It’s forged through the fires of persistence, informed risk-taking, and an unwavering belief in your vision. Embrace the journey, for it is in the journey that the true treasure lies.

All it takes are

3 Simple Steps

To Achieve Prosperity and Success without Sacrificing Personal Values and Well-Being


This phase sets the foundation by shining a light on the inner workings of your mind, identifying limiting beliefs, and sparking the initial realization of one’s true potential. It’s about discovery, clarity, and enlightenment—preparing the ground for deep transformation.


Here, the focus is on weaving the insights and practices from the Illuminate phase into daily life and business operations. It emphasizes the harmonisation of spiritual values with entrepreneurial endeavors, ensuring that one’s business actions reflect your inner truths and aspirations.


The final phase is about breaking new ground, using the solid foundation to create innovative approaches to business and personal growth. It encourages you to step into uncharted territories with confidence, creativity, and a sense of purpose, driving you towards unprecedented success.


change you paradigms and obtain the wealth of your desires without compromising you

Jump into the Abundance Activation Academy, a membership not offering you strategies for business growth (I’m sure you have loads already), but a holistic integration of spirituality, community support, and personalized paths to prosperity and well-being.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Negative Mindsets

Reconnect to your Authentic Self

Tap into your Clarity and Vision

Balance Spiritual Practices with Entrepreneurial Demands

Clear Prosperity Blocks & Manifest Wealth

Learn to Maintain a Growth Mindset

Set Goals that Align with your Values & Develop an Action Plan

Develop Strategies to Sustain Success and Abundance

But wait – there’s more!

If You Join Today, You’ll Also Get


Exclusive Access

Personalised Support

Networking Opportunities

Live Coaching

Conscious Creators Community

Step by Step Manifestation program

Unique workbooks

Expert Guidance

Normally priced at $9 per month

Access My Meditation Vault

Large Selection of Meditations

New meditations added weekly

Listen anywhere

Meditations to suit any style

Additional Resources

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Bespoke EFT Tapping Sessions

Exclusive Visualisations

Get It Now

Abundance Activation Academy

Get Clear On Your Prosperity Blocks, Make Paradigm Shifts And Attain Wealth and Business Success while honouring your personal values and happiness

What my clients say

Testimonials from my students

Frequently asked questions

Q: What exactly is the Abundance Activation Academy?

A: A The Abundance Activation Academy is a sanctuary for spiritual female entrepreneurs seeking to harmonize their prosperity and success without compromising their personal values or well-being. It’s not just about learning; it’s about transforming your mindset from scarcity to abundance, guided by your deepest intuitions towards unprecedented success and inner harmony.

Q: How can this academy make a difference in my life?

A: This academy is designed to illuminate your path, integrate your insights into daily life, and innovate your approach to both personal growth and business. By overcoming limiting beliefs, reconnecting with your authentic self, and clearing prosperity blocks, you embark on a sacred journey towards not only financial freedom but also a profound sense of well-being and fulfillment.

Q: How long will it take to complete the Academy’s course?

A: The journey through the Abundance Activation Academy is as unique as you are. There’s no set timeline; it unfolds at your pace. Some find transformation in the immediacy of their commitment, while others may savour the journey longer. It’s about your personal journey of growth, not just a race to completion.

Q: What’s the expected timeframe to shift my mindset?

A: Mindset transformation is deeply personal and can vary widely among participants. It’s influenced by where you’re starting from, your dedication to the process, and the depth of change you’re pursuing. Some members experience swift shifts, while others enjoy gradual, yet profound, evolution. The key is consistency and openness to change.

Q: What happens if I encounter challenges or feel stuck?

A: Challenges are part of the growth process. Should you feel stuck, the Academy offers a nurturing community support group, along with my personal availability to answer questions and provide guidance. Additionally, live coaching sessions each week offer real-time support and direction, ensuring you’re well-equipped to overcome any obstacle.

Q: Which areas of my life will benefit from this Academy?

A: The principles and practices taught in the Academy are applicable to all facets of life where you seek abundance. From financial prosperity to personal well-being, the transformative journey you’ll embark on is holistic, aiming to elevate your life across the board. It’s about crafting a life that resonates with abundance in every sense.

Q: How much more money will I be able to make?

A: While it’s impossible for me to predict specific financial outcomes, the Academy equips you with the mindset, strategies, and spiritual practices to significantly enhance your potential for financial prosperity. Your goals, coupled with the commitment to applying what you learn, will be the driving force behind your financial achievements.

Q: Why is now the right time to join the Abundance Activation Academy?

A: The gates to abundance open at select moments, and now is one of those rare opportunities. Enrolment in the Abundance Activation Academy is not always available; it’s a chance that arises just a few times a year, making each opening a precious window to step into a transformative journey. If you’re seeing this, it means the doors are open for you right now, but they might not be for months to come. Seize this moment to ensure you don’t miss out on the chance to transform your life. Waiting could mean postponing your dreams and success until much later, so if you’re ready for change, the time to act is now.

Get It Now

Abundance Activation Academy

You Have A 7 Day No-Questions-Asked-Money-Back-Guarantee & Can Cancel Any Time


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